Being a brand grounded in community and keeping in mind the families therein, prompted the start of our School Uniform Initiative. The mission is to partner with local schools and provide their students with exclusive uniforms made just for them. A uniform is more than just clothing, it can be a sign of excellence, confidence, and gives a sense of unity. Starting with Crete Academy located in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, it only made sense to start with a school that has impacted the community and provides many necessities and essentials to the students they enroll.

Given the history of the relationship through charitable offerings and support throughout the years Founder Nicholaus Williams and the Founder/Principal Hattie Mitchell of Crete Academy have formed a sound partnership which led to the kickoff of this heartfelt initiative. For the future Hommewrk aims to take this mission to multiple schools located in major cities across the US and abroad.

St. Mark's Day School

Based in Brooklyn, NY, St. Mark’s Day School is committed to the growth and development of the whole child. This begins with the belief that God’s children are beings in the image and likeness of God. They are beings with minds that need nurturing, hearts that need affection, and wills that need strengthening in truth.

St. Mark’s curriculum design is intended to strengthen every God-given faculty so that they may develop to: see the beauty in God’s creation, understand the natural laws of creation, and be empowered to be good stewards of creation

Hence, there is an equal place for the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences.

Life generally presents itself as a series of choices and the children must learn to choose that which is good for their welfare and pleasing in the sight of God. At St. Mark’s they believe every child can be well-rounded individuals that are able to live in full and not just survive but thrive. 

Lunchbox Stories

A man wearing a white shirt and black jeans sitting on a ledge looking down
A man sitting on a black fence wearing black jeans and a pair of blue sneakers
A pair of blue sneakers standing next to a curb under a car