Established in 2019, HOMMEWRK is an apparel and design brand that is structured on a learning and informative aspect in our designs. As creators with a multicultural framework and perspective we understand the importance of community, culture, and its progression. Knowledge and awareness are the key to paving new paths, referencing the past to build and innovate for the future.

“DO YOUR HOMMEWRK.” is the heartbeat of the company and our everyday proverb. Teaching is essential yet the tools for its conveyance don’t necessarily have to be conventional, which is why our collections will be the visual library of learning. Founder and curator Nicholaus Williams understands the importance of art and style with purpose (“what can we learn from it?”) is what adds value to it. Having that understanding in mind for the direction of the brand, creative director Asha Paul was keen on bringing that concept to life through the designs.

Our first cut and sew collection will set the standard of presenting high quality garments with an economical objective bridging the gap for those who want quality without being imposed financially.


Being a brand grounded in community and keeping in mind the families therein, prompted the start of our School Uniform Initiative. The mission is to partner with local schools and provide their students with exclusive uniforms made just for them. A uniform is more than just clothing, it can be a sign of excellence, confidence, and gives a sense of unity.